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Ativan 1 mg


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Anxiety disorders such as generalized anxiety disorder (excessive worry or restlessness), obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), panic attacks, and social phobias are treated with Ativan 1mg Tablet, a prescription medication. It’s also used to treat depressive symptoms in the short term.

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Ativan 1 mg is an opioid medication that one used to treat anxiety disorders like restlessness, irritability, easy fatiguability, difficulty concentrating, etc. Doctors also used it with other medicine to treat insomnia, severe agitation, or active seizures.

The opioid medicines work differently for the different bodies so Ativan 1 mg can cause side effects for some people. The side effects of Ativan 1 mg include- sleepinesslow blood pressure, slow breathing, dizzinessconfusion, etc. These are some possible side effects of Ativan 1 mg, and if you face any side effects then contact your doctor. If you have a prescription then you can buy Ativan online or from the medical shop.

If the doctor Prescribed Ativan 1 mg to you then tell him about your medical history of any severe disease or operation, depression, or any brain injury or surgery. In past, if you ever face any side effects from opioid medicines then tell about it your doctor. And take the doses according to the doctor’s prescription and do not take it longer than prescribed, it can cause overdose or addiction. If you buy Ativan 1 mg online or offline then check the manufactured and expiry date of the medicine before buying it.


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